Git Command Line Snippets: Add, Commit and Push Changes

GitHubThis post is part of the series on Git Command Line Snippets where I am taking a look at performing actions on GitHub using the git command line.

There are three steps required to add your changes to a GitHub repository:

  1. Add
  2. Commit
  3. Push

Fistly, you need to add your changes; it is possible to only add specific files, but in my case I always want to add everything; this command will add all changes including added changed or deleted files and folders:

git add --all

Once you have added the changes, you need to commit them; you can supply a commit message, but this should be a maximum of 55 characters.

git commit -m "Release for x and y"

Once you have committed the changes, you need to push them to GitHub for them to appear in the repository:

git push

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