Git Command Line Snippets: Choose Repository

GitHubThis post is part of the series on where I am taking a look at performing actions on GitHub using the git command line.

I am new to working with the git command line so have spent a bit of time reading articles. One thing a lot of them say is to “choose your repository” and then tell you to run commands. When I was doing this it was a bit late and I’d been working all day (getting my excuse in early), but I didn’t immediately understand what they meant.

All it means when they say to choose your repository, is to navigate the command prompt to the repository folder on your computer.

In command line you can simply use cd followed by the path: to navigate to the required folder

cd C:\Users\azurecurve\Documents\Development\ClassicPress Development\azrcrv-smtp

In PowerShell you can largely do the same thing but must wrap the path in double quotes if the path contains a space:

cd "C:\Users\azurecurve\Documents\Development\ClassicPress Development\azrcrv-smtp"

Git Command Line Snippets

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