ClassicPress Development with GitHub: Commit Files

GitHubWhen I started developing plugins for ClassicPress I decided that I needed to be using source control. As ClassicPress is intending to use GitHub for their plugin directory, it made sense for me to use it as well. This post is part of a series on ClassicPress Development with GitHub.

With a repository created, we can now upload the existing project files. Do this by visiting the repository page and click the Upload files button:

GitHub repository page

You can drag and drop your files into the field on the page:

Drag files to upload

Once the files have uploaded, enter a description for the upload; while this is optiona, I would recommend doing so as it will let you see why commits to the repository have been made. Once done, click the Commit changes button:

Upload and commit changes to the repository

Once you’ve committed the changes, you’ll be taken back to the main repository page:

Repository showing uploaded files

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