GitHub Announces New Unlimited Repos & Unitifed Enterprise Offering

GitHubI’ve recently been taking a look at ClassicPress and one of the subjects that came up was that it might, for the plugin directory, use GutHub instead of SVN like WordPress.

I create an account and started looking into creating repositories for my plugins. Hot all of my plugins are on that site however, as not all have been released to the public. Some of them are only going to be usable to me (for example plugins drive both the GP Table Reference and my distilleries website) and you were limited on GitHub to a certain number of private repositories.

However, GitHub yesterday announced the following:

  • GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free. Many developers want to use private repos to apply for a job, work on a side project, or try something out in private before releasing it publicly. Starting today, those scenarios, and many more, are possible on GitHub at no cost. Public repositories are still free (of course–no changes there) and include unlimited collaborators.
  • GitHub Enterprise is the new unified product for Enterprise Cloud (formerly GitHub Business Cloud) and Enterprise Server (formerly GitHub Enterprise). Organizations that want the flexibility to use GitHub in a cloud or self-hosted configuration can now access both at one per-seat price. And with GitHub Connect, these products can be securely linked, providing a hybrid option so developers can work seamlessly across both environments.

The second point isn’t relevant to me, but the first might be useful as it will allow me to store both my public and private plugins in the same place.

More details are available from the GitHub blog.

Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features: Skip Displaying New POs When Generating a PO

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features series in which I am going hands on with the new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (which was released on the 2nd October). I reblogged the new features as Microsoft announced them along with some commentary of how I thought they would be received by both my clients and I. In this series, I will be hands on with them giving feedback of how well they work in reality.

This hands on new feature is, as far as I am aware, an unannounced one which I stumbled across when testing the partial purchase a purchase requisition new feature. When you click the Generate button on the Purchase Order Preview from Purchase Requisition Entry window, a prompt Skip displaying the new purchase orders? will be displayed:

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Skip displaying the new purchase orders?

This is a change of behaviour from the new functionality introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM; the purpose of this original new feature was to improve visibility of the created purchase orders.

This was, and remains, a laudable goal, but unfortunately the implementation was somewhat lacking. The new purchase orders were displayed by opening a navigation list, which could be ver slow to open (especially if the Reporting Services Reports had been deployed and the fact pane visible.

The 2018 R2 new feature, to hide Business Analyser for all users would go some way to mitigate this issue, by hiding the fact pane, but this new feature of prompting the user to decide if they want to see the navigation list will go the majority of the remaining way (a global option to disable would have gone all the way).

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