Create a Calculated Field in the Jet Reports Table Builder

Jet ReportsI’ve recently been creating some reports for a client using Jet Reports and data pulled from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. One of the requirements was to have a report which pulled out Intrastat related information in a specific format. As well as pulling out the standard information, they also wanted a calculation of the net weight for a sales order line, which mean linking from the Purch. Inv. Line (123) to the Item (27) table and multiplying the quantity by the net weight.

I initially tried to do this using a calculated field in the Excel PivotTable which was added on top of the data returned by Jet Reports, but quickly realised that the result wasn’t correct. This [prompted me to go back to the source data and see if I could perform the calculation using Jet Reports as it got the data rather than afterwards.

The report was being built using the Table Builder tool of Jet Reports; to add a calculated field in Table Builder, click the Add Formula button in the bottom left:

Table Builder with the Add Formula button ringed

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