Error Posting Fixed Asset Write-Down In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralI was asked to deliver a training workshop to users at a client on the Fixed Assets module. Prior to the session, I logged on and gave te module a quick run through of the areas I would be covering, to make sure that everything worked correctly.

I encountered one error when trying to post a write-down; unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot of the error as it happened, but the error message is shown below verbatim:

FA Posting Type Write-Down must be posted in the FA journal in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name='DEFAULT',Line No.='12000'

I was trying to post the write-down journal so the message wasn’t especially helpful in telling me that the write-down must be posted. I did a little checking and realised that on the Depreciation Book Card, the G/L Integration – Write-Down toggle was not enabled.

Once I enabled this setting I was able to post the write-down journal without any further problem:

Depreciation Book Card

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