ClassicPress Plugins Available From azurecurve | Development in 2023: Series Index

[featured-index key=’classicpress’]I started developing plugins for WordPress back in 2013; this was so that I could add some required functionality to this site which wasn’t available as standard or in third-party plugins. I switched to developing for ClassicPress in late-2018 and migrated all of my sites to it in early 2019.

I made this change because WordPress introduced the Gutenberg editor (later known as the block editor) which has many problems which are still unaddressed and getting worse as they transition to blocks site-wide.

I decided right at the start when I started developing plugins for myself that I would also make them available to others to use as well. Not all of the plugins I have developed are available, as some have very specific functionality which wouldn’t easily be used by other people, but the vast majority are available for all.

I now have 55 plugins available for ClassicPress and, as it has been over 12 months since I posted about many of them), I’ve going to do another series announcing each one which may help new people discover them.

All of these plugins were developed for ClassicPress, but will still work on WordPress; I’ve included automatic updates for them so once installed you will receive updates in the exact same way as you do for other plugins.

As I say, there are 55 plugins and I’ll only be posting these plugin announcements on weekends, so you will need to check in over the few months to see them all.

The series index, below, will update automatically as each post goes live.

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