VBA Snippets: Series Index

MicrosoftWe’ve recently taken on a new client for support of Microsoft Dynamics GP who has a number of modified forms and reports which have been extended with VBA code to add additional functionality. I have done a reasonable amount of VBA and VB6 in the past, but that was sometime ago and I’ve found myself searching online for examples on how to do some things when they’ve asked for further modifications, so I’ve decided that I’ll post snippets of VBA code here so I can easily find how to do things.

I’ve already been doing similar posts with Network Shell Snippets and PowerShell Snippets. The series index will automatically update as posts go live, but if you’re reading a syndicated version, you’ll need to check back to the original post

VBA Snippets
Execute URL or Application
Adding an SQL ODBC Connection in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Select Records from Microsoft Dynamics ODBC Connection
Open a File for Appending

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