ClassicPress Plugin Development: Series Index

ClassicPress PluginsI started developing plugins for WordPress almost eight years ago and moved to ClassicPress just over two years ago; I now have 47 plugins available for ClassicPress.

I am creating this series to show how certain aspects of development for ClassicPress plugins are done, partly to benefit others who take up developing for ClassicPress but also as a quick reference for myself including detailed examples.

This series index will automatically update to show new posts as they are published:

ClassicPress Plugin Development
Coding Paradigms
Semantic Versioning 2.0
Coding Standards
To Use Namepsaces or Not
Using Namespaces
Structure of a Plugin
Format of a Plugin readme.txt
Format of a Plugin Header
Add an index.php to Every Folder
Develop for Translation
Develop for Accessibility
Create a Plugin Update Server Using Code Potent's Update Manager
Integrating Code Potent's Update Manager into a Plugin
Create a Plugin Update Endpoint Using Code Potent's Update Manager
Create a Custom Image Path and URL for Code Potent's Update Manager