Upgrading to Jet 2019: Series Index

Jet Global Data TechnologiesBack in April I did a series of posts on implementing the various products from Jet Global Data technologies (or Jet Reports as they then were before their re-branding).

Jet Global have recently launched new versions of their products and I thought a short series on upgrading might be useful. This post is the series index, and will automatically update as the posts go live (if you’re reading this on a syndicated post, make sure you check back to the original as only that will update).

In this series I will be upgrading both Jet Analytics (formerly Jet Enterprise) and Jet Reports (formerly Jet Professional).

Upgrading to Jet 2019
What's New In Jet Analytics 2019
Install Jet Analytics
Upgrade Jet Analytics
Start Jet Analytics Service
What's New In Jet Reports 2019
Upgrade Jet Reports