Upgrading to Jet 2019: Install Jet Analytics

Jet AnalyticsThis post is part of the series on Upgrading to Jet 2019.

Before installing the new version of Jet Analytics, it is worth noting that Jet recommend leaving the old version installed while installing the new. There is no reason given for this, but I presume it is tio allow for easy rollback in the event of problems.

To install Jet Analytics, download the Jet Analytics software:

Jet Downloads

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract all files and, from the 1 – Jet Analytics – REQUIRED folder, run the required Setup.exe:

Windows Explorer showing extracted Jet Analytics folder

On the Welcome screen, click Next to start:

Jet Data Manager Server Setup - Welcome

Accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement and click Next:

Jet Data Manager Server Setup - End-User License Agreement

Leave the setup type set to Typical and click Next:

Jet Data Manager Server Setup - Choose Setup Type

Click Install to begin the installation:

Jet Data Manager Server Setup - Ready to install Jet Data Manager Server

Once the installation is finished, click Finish:

Jet Data Manager Server Setup - Completed the Jet Data Manager Server Setup Wizard

The next step, covered in the next post, is to configure the new version of the Jet Data Manager Server.

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