Feature Explained: Remember User & Password

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP does not support Windows Authentication but in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 a new option has been added to allow the user’s username and password to be remembered for when they login. This isn’t as good as Windows Auth as the password does not have rules enforced by Active Directory but can make logging in easier for users.

The login screen now has a new checkbox available, placed below the Password field labeled Remember user and password;

Login - Remember user and password

Following the installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 this option is disabled for all users until it is enabled in System Preferences (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Setup » System » User Preferences);

System Preferences

Once the Enable Remember User option is checked the Remember user and password box on the login form will be enabled. Once users have checked this they will no longer be prompted to enter their username and password each time they option Microsoft Dynamics GP;

Login - Remember user and passwordRemember this company which is available on the Company Selection form. This particular option is enabled regardless of the Remember User option and allows users to pick their most commonly used company and log them into it automatically.

Combined the two options allow a user to launch GP and not have to take any actions until they are presented with their GP home screen.

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