Integrations Via eConnect Disappearing

Microsoft Dynamics GPAs well as using eConnect to integrate journals from an external system into the GL, we also use it to integrate invoices into Payables Management. Overall we have far fewer problems integrating transactions via eConnect than we had in the past using Integration Manager, but we do still encounter some problems; usually with transactions being posted in the external system and then disappearing.

This is sometimes a more exotic reason but is usually an issue with the eConnect service needing to be restarted. When we first started using eConnect we often had problems when the server was rebooted as the eConnect service was starting before the MSMQ service and didn’t then function correctly.

To fix this issue we added a dependency to MSMQ on the eConnect service which ensures the eConnect one does not start until MSMQ is ready. This particular fix has just resulted in a site posting invoices in an external system which didn’t arrive in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

An investigation showed that the issue was caused by Windows Updates installing during the previous evening with one of the updates restarting the MSMQ service which, because of the dependency to MSMQ, also triggered a stop of the eConnect service.

This need not have been a problem, if the server had been rebooted following the Windows Updates, but this had not been done. When I logged onto the server I was immediately presented with the Restart Now/Restart Later dialog.

We have advised the client that they should keep an eye on the server and reboot it after Windows Updates if it is required, as it was on this occasion.

Having identified the problem the next stage was to get the missing transactions into GP. Fortunately, they were still in the eConnect Incoming queue so restarting the service integrated them into PM.

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