eConnect Incoming Queue In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Does Not Work

Microsoft Dynamics GPI did an upgrade of a client from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 to Dynamics GP2015 recently and encountered a problem with eConnect.

This particular client uses the eConnect incoming queue to integrate journals and payables invoices into Dynamics GP from a housing management system.

After installing eConnect and configuring the incoming queue I set about doing a test to ensure it was working.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I had journaling enabled for the queue so I was able to see that when a message was submitted it did arrive, but it then disappeared without being processed. I checked over the configuration and everything looked correct; the setup was the same as I have been doing since GP 9 for this client and a few others in the same industry.

I had a colleague check things over and he agreed that everything looked correct, so I asked the question of Microsoft.

It turns out there is a bug in eConnect 14 which means the incoming queue service and the integration service do not work together as they should.

The advised solution from Microsoft is to stop the incoming queue service for eConnect 14 and install eConnect 12 from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

The integration service for eConnect 14 needs to be running and the incoming queue service from eConnect 12 needs to be running. These two queues together work and allow messages to be successfully processed.

I am told the bug is to be fixed in the next version, but the above configuration is required in the meantime.

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    Thank you very much ! I had the same problem and installing the Incoming Service from GP2013 R2 has solved my problem.

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