Jet Hub’s Supported Excel Functions

Jet HubI’ve been doing an increasing amount of work with Jet Reports and have come across two Excel functions which do not work with Jet Hub; they work fine in a Jet Report in Excel, but are apparently not supported in the Jet Hub.

The two I’ve encountered problems with are:

  • CONCAT isn’t supported, but the older CONCATENATE function is supported.
  • RATE; this was actually used by a client in a formula and we then discovered it wasn’t supported when uploading the report to jet Hub when I was showing him how to use it. We’ll need to find a way to work around this unsupported function.

There is a list of supported Excel functions in Jet Hub available from insight Software; I need to start referring to this list more often when creating reports and make sure clients do the same.

Disable AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint Online Files by Default on Excel

OneDriveI recently got a new laptop at work which meant getting all applications installed. Previously I’d had Microsoft Office 2016 installed; on the new laptop I got Microsoft Office 365 which came with AutoSave enabled by default in all of the applications, such as Excel and Word, for files opened from SharePoint Online:

Microsoft Excel autosave on

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Reformat Number into Dynamics GP Account Number

Microsoft ExcelA few weeks ago, Steve Endow retweeted about formatting a number in Microsoft Excel into a Microsoft Dynamics GP account number (I can’t find the tweet now, unfortunately). I had a fiddle around with this and it works fine for display, but the underlying data is still a number; it is just the display which has been changed to a formatted number.

However, with only a couple further steps, the account number can be correctly reformatted. I’m going to step through this one from the start; the basic premise is that we have some account strings which are not formatted; e.g. they do not have the segment separators or leading zeros:

Microsoft Excel with unformatted data

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Find Unique Records in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excelnot very good with Microsoft Excel. People often think that I am becuae I can concatenate data and write if statements and other formula, but, beyond this, my knowledge is very shallow.

There are things that I know you must be able to do, but have no idea how. As such, I often default to loading data into SQL Server to manipluate. When dealng with large quantities of data, I think this is still the best thing to do, but for smaller datasets, using Excel makes more sense.

There may be a number of other posts, covering fairly simple functionality in Microsoft Excel, that I post in future as reminders for myself.

The first of these Excel tips, is identifying unique data. In Excel this is actually quite simple (once you know how).

If I wanted to identify how many unique vendor ids I had in a dataset, I can do this in only a small number of steps.

Select the columns containing the data I want to search; in this case, the Vendor ID and Vendor Name columns. Select the DataSort & Filter section, click Advanced:

Microsot Excel

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Implementing Jet Express: Installation

Jet ReportsThis post is part of a series of posts on implementing Jet Reports and is part of the Jet Express sub-series.

Once you have ensured the prerequisites are met and have downloaded the software, Jet Express for Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Dynamics GP can be installed.

To launch the installer, double click the Jet Express Setup.exe. Click Install to start the installation:

Jet Setup

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Macros: Macro By Excel Formula

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this series I am taking a look at how macros can be used to update data in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Over the last couple of posts, I’ve shown how data can be merged into the macro template using either mail merge or a SQL script. This post is going to show the final method I use for merging data into the macro template, which is to use an Excel formula.

I am using an Excel spreadsheet with two columns, USERID and PASSWORD. I am going to add a third column to the spreadsheet to hold the formula containing the macro.

User data in Excel

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Macros: Macro By MailMerge

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this series I am taking a look at how macros can be used to update data in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The most common way I update a macro template with the data to be updated, is to use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word.

Make sure you have your data prepared: in the demo system I’m using, I have only four users. I have created some new passwords based on the User Name field and stored them in an Excel spreadsheet:

Microsoft Excel

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A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 17 – Conference Day 3/Tips for Creating Integrations Session

reIMAGINE2016The third and final day of the conference was quite a short day with only three sessoins in the morning.

The first of the sessions I attended was Tips for Creating Integrations which was run by a former Microsoftie who now works at eOne. The session did have general tips on what you should be thinking about and asking when creating integrations, but was, as you would expect for a session run by a partner, focused on using their tools. In this case, the tool was SmartConnect.

As a partner of eOne already, SmartConnect was already on my list to take a look at (we currently mainly do SmartList Builder although we also have clients with Extender and SmartView), it was a very interesting session showing how data could be integrated into Dynamics GP from other sources such as Dynamics CRM or a web site and also how the Excel add-in can be used to extract data, and then update Dynamics GP once the user edits the data in Excel.

Much to think about.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Budget Import Issue

Microsoft Dynamics GPBudgets in Microsoft Dynamics GP are easy to maintain using the Budget Wizard. However, we do regularly field calls from clients reporting that the budget import is not working.

The problem reported, was the same as the problem always is; the budget template was not in the correct format.

The first image is the header of the one they were trying to import and the second is the Master budget I exported from GP to show them:

Excel Budget

Excel Budget

As you can see the former budget template has an extra row in the header; this is sufficient to stop the import working.

Everytime we have had this error reported we have found that something was changed in the budget template: a new header row, a header row being deleted, a column being added (the latter is the most common.

The client removed the extra row and was then able to import the budget.

Preorder Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was just browsing the Packt Publishing website (as you do) and found that there is a new book about Microsoft Dynamics GP being released next month.

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP by Dynamics GP MVPs Belinda Allen and Mark Polino:

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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