Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Equivalent of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Historic Stock Status Report

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralI received a query from a contact from my days working with Microsoft Dynamics GP asking if I knew which report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central would give similar information to the GP Historic Stock Sttaus report.

This is a report which allows you to enter an “age as of” date and the system calculates which stock was in the system and what the value was as of the requested date; the normal Stock Status Report only included the stock still in the system that was present at that date.

I did a quick check to confirm, but the Business Central equivalent report is the Inventory Valuation report; I have noticed that the US and UK versions of this report are different.

On the UK one you supply a start and end date and you get the movement between these dates, but on the US one you supply an age as of date.

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