Exclude One Category From A Specific RSS Feed in ClassicPress

ClassicPressI recently had need of an RSS feed which included all posts in one category, but which excluded the posts in a sub category. In other RSS feeds I did want this category still included so I needed to be careful how I went about sorting out this feed.

I was expecting this not to be possible, but when I did some exploring I discovered that you could exclude post assigned to a specific category from a feed.

In the RSS feed URL, you can add ?cat=-{category number} where {category number} is the number of the category to be excluded.

This is the structure of the feed URL for a {named category} which excludes a specific {category number to exclude}:

https://www.azurecurve.co.uk/category/{named category}/feed/?cat=-{category number to exclude}

For example, if I wanted to use my ClassicPress feed, the feed URL would be:


But if I wanted to exclude posts assigned the Plugins category, I would use this feed URL with a cat URL parameter:


Multiple categories to exclude can be specified in the URL parameters, separated with commas (e.g. ?cat=-10,-20).