ClassicPress Plugin Development: Series Index

ClassicPress PluginsI started developing plugins for WordPress almost eight years ago and moved to ClassicPress just over two years ago; I now have 47 plugins available for ClassicPress.

I am creating this series to show how certain aspects of development for ClassicPress plugins are done, partly to benefit others who take up developing for ClassicPress but also as a quick reference for myself including detailed examples.

This series index will automatically update to show new posts as they are published:

ClassicPress Plugin Development
Coding Paradigms
Semantic Versioning 2.0
Coding Standards
To Use Namepsaces or Not
Using Namespaces
Structure of a Plugin
Format of a Plugin readme.txt
Format of a Plugin Header
Add an index.php to Every Folder
Develop for Translation
Develop for Accessibility
Create a Plugin Update Server Using Code Potent's Update Manager
Integrating Code Potent's Update Manager into a Plugin
Create a Plugin Update Endpoint Using Code Potent's Update Manager
Create a Custom Image Path and URL for Code Potent's Update Manager
Loading Front-End Stylesheets
Loading Back-End Stylesheets
Loading Front-End Scripts
Loading Back-End Scripts
Best Practice for Loading Styles and Scripts
Create a Plugin Action Link
Add Plugin Options Page to Settings Main Menu
Add Plugin Options Page to Security Main Menu
Create Custom Top Level Menu
Create Submenu on Custom Top Level Menu
Create Custom Post Type
Create Submenu for a Custom Post Type
Rename First Sublevel Menu of a Custom Top Level Menu
Load and Save Options
Load Options with Defaults
Load Multilevel Options with Defaults
Get Options Page Title
Create an Options Page
Save an Options Page

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