Working remotely with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPWith the recent growth in people working remotely, or “distributed working” which seems to be the en vogue expression, I’ve fielded a number of questions from people about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help facilitate this.

Many clients already have remote access to their systems via a VPN or Citrix connection which allows users to connect to a server running the Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop client, but even these users don’t always have the capacity to put all of their users onto Dynamics GP in this way. However, this isn’t the only type of client available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client was introduced in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 allowing users to access most of the functionality via the web browser. In Dynamics GP 2016 it was upgraded to HTML5 which lead to it being faster and more responsive.

In the current web client, all functionality from the desktop is supported including SmartList and Word templates for distribution of invoices, statements, remittances, purchase orders and more. The web client is lighter to operate than the full desktop client allowing more users to be server hosted on one server and can be accessed from the web browser, protected by an SSL certificate, removing the need for a VPN.

I have a book available on Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client; this is the Second Edition and has only recently been released (use code WEBCLIENT2ND for 25% off until end 15th May 2020) which will guide you through the process of installing using the web client from logging in to differences with the desktop client.

As well as introducing the web client, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 saw the introduction of a new Workflow module for approval of documents. Almost every version of Dynamics GP since then has introduced new functionality; sometimes new approval types or integration with other modules such as Document Attachment:

Available workflow approval types

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GitHub make licensing changes with all core features now free for everyone

GitHubGit hub have recently announced changes to their licensing, so that everyone now has free access to all core features. This includes unlimited collaborators in private repositories.

The key changes are:

  • GitHub Free for organizations is immediately available and includes private repositories for unlimited users
  • All organizations previously using Team for Open Source now have GitHub Free
  • GitHub Free for individual developers now includes unlimited collaborators
  • Organizations and individuals using GitHub Free will receive GitHub Community Support
  • GitHub Pro will now include 2GB of Packages storage and 10GB of data transfer
  • GitHub Pro now has reduced the monthly price from $7 to $4
  • GitHub Team now has reduced the monthly price $7 to $4 per user with no minimum seat requirement
  • GitHub Team will include 3,000 Actions minutes per month for private repositories after May 14

All details on the changes are available from the FAQ about changes to GitHub’s plans.