Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP: Missing Security Roles

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhen you do a fresh install of Microsoft Dynamics GP, all of the required security roles and tasks are created. However, when Dynamics GP is upgraded, the new security roles and tasks are not automatically added. Microsoft do supply a set of scripts each time which can be run to add the roles and tasks.

This comes up every time we upgrade a client and I am tired of having to hunt out the posts from Microsoft, so I'm bringing together a list of the last few scripts and will add new ones here as each version is released.

The versions I could find again are listed below

Updated 19/1/2017 to add link for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2
Updated 14/11/2017 to add link for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM

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7 thoughts on “Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP: Missing Security Roles

  1. @GP_Beat says:

    Hi Ian,
    That’s interesting.. I just completed an upgrade from 2015R2 to 2016 RTM.. and the only missing roles I could find were all the ones related to ODATA.. (the ones that begin with OD_).
    Everything else was already there. The updated version that was published by Microsoft (on June 17, 2016) includes all the missing roles back to 2013R2, for those upgrade from a prior version (2010 or older).

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      I’ve done a few upgrades for clients, to and beyond 2013 R2, and have found missing items from most of them.

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