MDGP 2016 R1 Feature of the Day: Word Templates for Batch Approval Workflow

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 saw the introduction of the Workflow 2.0 (which was the subject of my fourth book. Workflow 2.0 was enhanced further in both Microsoft Dynamics 2015 R1 and R2, and is again being improved in Dynamics GP 2016 R1.

This time, the enhancement is a twofold one. Firstly, the Batch Edit lists have a default Word Template and, secondly, this can be emailed to the workflow approver:

Workflow Maintenance

Edit List Report

The main features of are:

  • Workflow Batch Approvals now have a default Word Template for the following edit lists:
    • General Ledger Batches
    • Payables Batches
    • Receivables Batches
  • Can be emailed to approver for complete information before approving

I think this feature will prove to be popular with those clietn using Workflow approvals as an approver will always want s much information before approving as possible. This will likely be of great interest when Workflow approvals are being used.

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