Implementing Fastpath’s Config AD: Installing The Service

FastpathIn this series of posts I’m going to take a look at the Config AD product from Fastpath which adds single sign-on to the Dynamics GP desktop client; you can find my series index here.

Config AD includes a service which can run on any machine within the network; the service can automatically log users out after a period of inactivity and will also disable/delete GP user accounts when the AD user is deleted.

A service account is needed to run the Config AD service; this account needs to be a Domain User account and also needs to be either a Domain Admin or have the following permissions:

  1. Read Property and List Contents permission to the Deleted Objects container in Active Directory (non-admin users will not have these permissions by default, but they can be granted: further details available from Microsoft Support).
  2. Read All Properties permission to the container(s) where your users are located.
  3. Log on as a service permission.
  4. A SQL Login on the SQL Server for the domain user.

With a suitable service account, find the Fastpath.ADServiceSetup.msi in the /FPConfigAD AD Service 3.3.0 folder.

Open File - Security Warning

On the Welcome… step click Next to start:

Fastpath Config AD Service: Welcome to the Fastpath Config AD Service Setup Wizard

Accept the License Agreement:

Fastpath Config AD Service: License Agreement

Select the installation folder and change the install of the service to be available to anyone:

Fastpath Config AD Service: Select Installation Folder

Select GP as the ERP system, select GP 2013 as the version and enter the system password:

Fastpath Config AD Service: ERP System Details

Enter the SQL Server instance which holds the Config AD database:

Fastpath Config AD Service: Enter SQL Server instance

Enter the username and password of the service account to be used for the Config AD service:

Fastpath Config AD Service: Enter Username and Password

Confirm the installation should be performed by clicking Next:

Fastpath Config AD Service: Confirm Installation

Once installation is complete a confirmation page will be displayed:

Fastpath Config AD Service: Installation Complete

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