Implementing Fastpath’s Config AD: Conclusion

FastpathIn this series of posts I have taken a look at the Config AD product from Fastpath which adds single sign-on to the Dynamics GP desktop client; you can find my series index here.

Over the course of the series I have run through the installation and configuration of several parts of Config AD, but there is still a lot of functionality that I haven't covered.

For example, I have shown how to associate a GP user with a Windows AD account, but not how to disassociate them. I also didn't show how SSRS security could also be assigned to users in Config AD; largely because I didn't have SSRS installed and configured on my test box.

The main reason I haven't covered even more than I have is that I enjoy playing around with different software and want to move onto something else. I've enjoyed the opportunity to have a go with Config AD which I found easy to install, easy to configure and that it provides a lot of functionality which brings together the security setup of Dynamics GP into one location.

Something I find very annoying in Dynamics GP is that to create a user, grant company access and assign roles you need to enter the System Password at least three times (unless you're just copying security from another user wholesale), but Config AD allows you to configure all of this after logging into it once.

If you're looking for an add-on which will both simplify the maintenance of Dynamics GP security (and I assume the effect would be the same for the other Dynamics products it integrates with) and allow for single sign on, then Config AD is definitely worth considering.

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