Extract ABR Transactions For Import As Statement

Microsoft Dynamics GPthis is a simple script, but I've written it about four times now so I figured I'd post it so I can find it easily next time I lose my local copy.

Perfect Image are resellers of the Advanced Bank Reconciliation module from Nolan Business Solutions (along with the other add-ons they've written for Dynamics GP) and I often need to demo this replacement for the standard Bank Rec module.

One item I typically show is the auto-Propose function which matches transactions against statement lines in the Reconcile Bank Transactions window (Transactions » Financial » Advanced Bank Reconciliation » Reconcile Bank Transactions).

To do this I need to be able to import statement lines which match the transactions in Dynamics GP; the easiest way of doing this is to extract the transactions.

This can be done with a very simple SQL script:


Once the data has been extracted it can be imported during the demo using the standard ABR Import Statement routine.