Management Reporter 2012 CU9 Released

Microsoft DynamicsI often seem to be busy when a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP or one of the related products, such as Management Reporter, is released. And it has happened again.

On the 12th May when I was leaving for a weeks holiday in Scotland, a new cumulative update, CU9, for Management Reporter 2012 was released with the announcement made on the Dynamics Financial Reporting blog with the download available here.

This release contains enhancements to the Management Reporter Web Viewer around opening and refreshing reports along with additional troubleshooting information in the Configuration Console related to data issues in the ERP.

In brief, Cumulative Update 9 includes the following:

  • View a list of previous month’s reports and open them in the web viewer
  • Refresh a report in the web viewer
  • Publish a report from the web viewer
  • Headers and footers are shown by default in the web viewer
  • Enhanced data detection in the Configuration Console
  • Support for dynamically displaying currency symbol, currency code and currency description
  • Support for SQL Server 2014
  • Additional fixes for product defects