Outlook.com: Send Without Attachments?

azurecurveI’ve been a bit quiet on the posting front recently because my second book is in the later stages of the publishing process and I need to review and respond to feedback from the editors at Packt Publishing.

To do this we’ve been emailing drafts of the chapters to and fro. And (again) this morning a feature of Outlook.com saved me from looking slightly silly when I replied to an email intending to send back an updated draft, but clicked Send without actually attaching the file;

Send without attachments?Send without attachments? Just checking. It looks like you’ve mentioned attachments but haven’t added any.

I was presented with the above message. Clicked Go back, added the file and sent the message.

I’ve talked to various people who dislike this type of message, but I really don’t see the problem with it. I’ve only ever been presented the message when I have meant to attach a file and forgotten; I’ve never received it for a false positive so I quite like it. I wish Outlook 2010 had it (or perhaps it does and I just don’t know where the setting is.

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3 thoughts on “Outlook.com: Send Without Attachments?

  1. Anthony Kernan says:

    Outlook 2010 does have it its a nice little tool from Microsoft (discontinued officially) called FAD (Forgotten Attachment Detector), Outlook 2013 i think has it out of the box so get upgraded!

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      I’d never heard of the 2010 add-on/

      As for 2013, it’s a work machine so will have to wait until I’ve got a day off and can schedule the upgrade.


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