Management Reporter Legacy Connector Company Logon Works Only For sa

Microsoft Dynamics GPI've been having a bit of a Management Reporter time recently; not that I especially mind as I like Management Reporter. In this instance I did some configuration of Management Reporter for a client (see my recent post on the Data Mart) and checked everything out as A-OK.

I then asked one of the clients to try, but she got an error stating "Unable to connect to the LIVE company. The connection to the Microsoft Dynamics GP database failed. Contact your system administrator".

Well, I logged back in and tried again and was again able to log in without a problem. A little more exploring and I was able to establish that only when I logged in as the sa user was I able to run Management Reporter without a problem.

This is not an error I have seen before so a little investigation determined the problem is because I configured the Management Reporter Data Mart Connector I had used the machine name as the connection to the server, but the client machines are configured to use the CNAME alias in the ODBC connection instead of the machine name.

KB Article 2737852 outlines two methods of correcting the problem. The first is to change the client machines ODBC entry to match that used to configure the Data Mart and which I did not want to do as it was set up so passwords would not need to be reset if GP was moved to a different server.

The second method is to edit some data in the Management Reporter database to change the GLEntityConnectionInformation column so that it matches the ODBC on the client machines. This is the method I opted for and, after making the change, the client confirmed she was able to access Management Reporter.

Updated following comment from Peter Bailey