Review of Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications – Part 2

Microsoft Dynamics GPThings have been very hectic recently and I’ve found myself slacking off from reviewing Leslie’s book Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications which was published at the end of December by Packt Publishing;

Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications by Leslie Vail

Well, I now have a bit more time so I’ve returned to the book to take a look at chapter 3, Getting Started with Dexterity which gives a thorough look at Dexterity; how to install it’s development environment, what the components are and how they hang together and the pitfalls to watch out for.

The above paragraph gives the impression that installing and preparing Dexterity for development is a simple, easy process but it is actually a lot more complicated than the uninitiated might expect; fortunately, Leslie gives a nice, detailed, yet simple straightforward step-by-step explanation of how to do the installation on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

Slightly unfortunately for Leslie and Packt a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP was released in the same month as the book was published. I decided to use this new version of GP to use while I review this book. Leslie explains a couple of the issues when running your newly created project up in GP; I found one additional item which I needed to do to get it fully working in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 but this is only a variation on one that Leslie explains.

After explaining how to install Dexterity, Leslie gives a good outline of the components and resources of Dexterity, their relationships, and how to navigate the Resource Explorer which you’ll use to create your application.

If you follow the instructions Leslie lays out you’ll be good to start development, which I’m about to do by launching into Chapter 4: Building the User Interface.

You can purchase Leslie’s book either direct from Packt Publishing or via Amazon:

Amazon UK Amazon US

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