MDGP 2013 Feature of the Day: Certification, Licensing and Training Management

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft have started the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature of the Day series on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

The twentieth feature they’ve announced is Certification, Licensing and Training Management with a subtitle of Delete History Records & Advanced Warning Notice.

This particular feature applies only to the US and Canada as it is based in the Human Resources module which is very US/Canada centric.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Certification License and Training can now provide advanced warning when certain certificates, licenses or training credentials are due to be renewed. Additionally, a user can delete certification, license & training history records from the history windows.

A setup option will let you delete history and specify a password if desired;

Delete row will display in the Certification History, License History and Training History windows;

The Required Certification/License/Training Inquiry Excel report includes columns for employee email and supervisor email. This allows you to easily send notifications when reviewing the report for certificates, licenses, or training credentials that are about to expire;

This new feature is targeted at the following roles:

  • HR Assistant
  • Compensation and Benefits

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