Management Reporter 2012 Doesn’t Process Reports In Queue

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was on site with a client last week to do training on various parts of the system, one of which was Management Reporter.

Before the training started, I was alerted to the fact that Management Reporter had stopped working. We ran through a few issues such as the Microsoft Dynamics GP adapter disappearing from the Configuration Console (we re-added it), the Application Service was not running and couldn’t be started (it had been setup by the client using the Network Service and for some reason stopped working; we changed it to Local System and was able to restart the service but I’ve advised them to change both Management Reporter services to a Domain User account).

Once everything was set up and apparently working we encountered the final problem. When we tried to produce a report, it was added to the Management Reporter queue where it remained and did not move to a status of Processing.

I found a website discussing changing the SQL Server broker on the ManagementReporter database to true (and it was set to false) so I did this but no luck.

A little more prodding and poking at both Management Reporter and SQL Server, and I turned up the problem which was actually a fairly obvious one.

The ManagementReporter database was owned by Domain\Administrator. Running the below script to change the database owner to sa resolved the problem and allowed the reports to be processed;

sp_changedbowner 'sa'

Fortunately the investigation and resolution didn’t take a long time so we were able to do the full length training session.