MDGP 2013 Feature of the Day: Three New GL Year End Close Options

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft have started the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature of the Day series on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

The sixth feature they’ve announced is Three New GL Year End Close Options.

This feature come in three parts.

Part one is the ability to set a flag on a Unit Account so that the balance is cleared down during the year end close (previously the unit account balance would persist into the new year (Cards » Financial » Unit Account);

Unit Account Maintenance

The second part is a check box in the GL Year End Close window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Setup » Financial » Year end Close) to allow Inactive Accounts to be kept in the system (Maintain Inactive Accounts) along with a distinction of allowing only those inactive accounts with a Budget Amount to be maintained or all inactive accounts;

Year-End Closing

The third part is the introduction of a progress bar in the above window to show the progress of the year end close. In versions until now some clients, as the year end close can take a while, had the tendency to assume that the process had hung and close GP down causing problems with the year end. With this new feature these problems should be minimised.

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