LinkedIn: Another Site Who Hates Their Users

Well, today it seems that LinkedIn have joined the list of sites who hate their users. In recent times browsers have been shrinking the amount of screen space that they take up and leaving more space for useful content to be displayed on the web page.

However, there is a growing number of sites who hate their users who have been adding floating crap to their pages which takes up screen space and hovers over the page as you scroll down. LinkedIn has become one of them.

They’ve introduced one of those really, really crap floating navigation bars which robs real estate for, in my opinion, absolutely no benefit to the user. It takes up screen space and as you scroll down the page and continues to take up the same amount of screen space no matter where you are on the page.

As they’ve broken their site it seems I need to fix it for myself and I thought I’d share this with you but bear in mind these instructions are for Opera but the custom CSS may be usable in other browsers.

Save the following code into a CSS file somewhere on your PC (I saved mine to C:\Users\Ian.Grieve\Documents\Opera;

position: relative !important;

After it has been saved awy, load the relevant site in Opera, right click the page and select Edit Site Preferences… and click the Display tab.

In the My style sheet field, browse and locate the saved file then click OK to save the preferences.

Reload and the hovering menu bar will stop hovering and scroll up with the rest of the page.

Think this post was over the top? Hyperbolic? Yeah, probably so, but just as browsers were becoming less obtrusive, so websites are becoming far more so that the browser ever was and for no good reason.