hMailServer: Installation

Microsoft Dynamics GPhMailServer is a small, lightweight mail server with POP3 and SMTP. I have been using it for a while on test or demo systems where I either don’t have access to the company Exchange server or don’t want to use it as the demo system may not be connected to the company network when I am out of the office.

To install hMailServer, download and run the installer.

On the Welcome step, click Next:

Setup - hMailServer: Welcome to the hMailServer Setup Wizard

Mark the I accept the agreement radio button and click Next:

Setup - hMailServer: License Agreement

Accept the default install location or change the path. Click Next:

Setup - hMailServer: Select Destination Location

Choose the features to install and click Next:

Setup - hMailServer: Select Components

Decide if you want a Start menu folder creating and what it should be called (the default is hMailServer). Click Next:

Setup - hMailServer: Select Start Menu Folder

Enter and confirm the password for ther hMailServer admin user, then click Next:

Setup - hMailServer: hMailServer Security

Check the settings on the Ready to Install step and click Install:

Setup - hMailServer: Ready to Install

Once the installation is complete a password entry prompt will be displayed which will launch the hMailServer Database Setup utility. I’ll cover this utility in the next post in this series.

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