hMailServer: hMailServer Administrator Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics GPIf you followed the last post you should have the Connect window on screen. If not start the hMailServer Administrator from the start menu.

Select the server you want to connect to and click Connect


Enter the hMailServer password created during the installation and click OK:

hMailServer password

The hMailServer Administrator will open on the Welcome page. Click Add domain…:

hMailServer Administrator:

Enter the domain you want to use in the Domain field and make sure the Enabled checkbox is marked.

Click Save to save the changes.

hMailServer Administrator

Click the Accounts node in the navigation pane and then the Add button:

hMailServer Administrator: Domains - Names

Enter the Address and select an Administration level:

hMailServer Administrator

Click Save and then on the Advanced tab. Enter the First name and the Last name and then click on Save:

hMailServer Administrator

Repeat the above for the user accounts you need; include one for use as a catch-all.

Once done click back on the Domain node in the navigation pane and select the Advanced tab in the detail pane.

Enter the Catch-all address and click Save:

hMailServer Administrator

Expand Settings, Protocols and click on SMTP. Select the Delivery of e-mail tab and enter the Local host name:

hMailServer Administrator: SMTP

Click Save.

And that completes the setup of hMailServer as I do it for demo and test systems. The only other step is to configure the email accounts in your mail client of choice; which in my case is Microsoft Outlook, which I will cover in the next post.

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