Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics GPI worked with Microsoft Dynamics GP for just over 19 years before I decided that the writing on the wall had become too large to ignore. With the announcement of the new cloud ERPs by Microsoft a few years ago, it became apparent that the focus from Microsoft was on these ERP, rather than the old on premises ones.

Unfortunately, from a Dynamics GP perspective, the new ERP were based on Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV, which became, respectively, Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management and Business Central.

As I’d been working with Dynamics GP, a mid market ERP, it seemed a reasonable move to start working with Business Central, which is largely aimed at the same (size) market. When considering my options for a new role, I had looked at some of the non-Microsoft alternatives, but ended up going with Business Central as I am used to Microsoft technologies and my initial review had suggested that Business Central was quite similar to Dynamics GP.

Below is a table comparing Dynamics GP vs. Business Central covering a number of different areas:

  Dynamics GP Business Central
On-premises azuretick azuretick
Cloud cross azuretick
Scalable cross (requires additional resources added to server) azuretick (automatic based on usage)
Upgrades Annual releases manually applied Twice-yearly release waves automatically applied over 6 months
Microsoft Office 365 azuretick (basic integration) azuretick (seamless integration)
Financial Reporting Management Reporter and/or Jet Reports Financial Reporting (formerly called Account Schedules) and/or Jet Reports
Multi-dimensional analysis Analytical Accounting module needs to be installed and configured Standard with unlimited Dimensions
COA Structure Multi-segment G/L Accounts G/L Accounts with (unlimited) Dimensions
Purchase Order Matching Three way matching Three way matching
Warehouse Management cross (available as an add-on from 3rd parties) azuretick (standard functionality with bins, zones, picks, put-aways and more)
Audit Trails cross (available as an add-on from 3rd parties) azuretick
Search Feature cross (not in desktop client) azuretick
Easy Personalisation of Windows/Pages cross azuretick
Easy Analysis of Data cross azuretick (every list page has an analyze function)
Workflow Approvals azuretick azuretick (extendable with Power Automate)
CRM cross azuretick (lightweight CRM included as standard)
Power Automate cross azuretick
Power BI azuretick (OData Service needs to be implemented) azuretick
Easy Data Migration cross (limited with Integration Manager and only for 240 days without buying a licence) azuretick (standard via Configuration Packages from Excel spreadsheets
3rd Party Extensions azuretick azuretick
Customisation/Development azuretick (Dexterity scripting language in Dexterity editor) azuretick (AL language via standard tools like VS Code or Visual Studio)

After working with Business Central for the last two years, I think that all of the customers I worked with over the 19 years on Dynamics GP, would be able to transition to Business Central and be able to work more efficiently than they are currently able.

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