PowerShell Snippets: Format Json for Curl

PowerShellThis post is part of the series on PowerShell Snippets.

The following PowerShell shows the format required for use in Curl (which I will cover in the next post of this series). It took me a number of attempts to get the format correct; the backticks (`) are needed to escape the double quotes (") for PowerShell and the backslashes (\) to escape them for the curl command:

$json = "
    { \`"tag_name\`": \`"$ghTag\`", \`"target_commitish\`": \`"main\`", \`"name\`": \`"$ghTag\`", \`"body\`": \`"$ghTag release\`", \`"draft\`" :false, \`"prerelease\`": false, \`"generate_release_notes\`": false }