Installing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 On-premise Demo: Selected Server Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralThis post is part of the Installing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 On-premise Demo series in which I am creating a demo series for learning/demonstrating Business Central.

in this last post, I covered the system requirements for a demo/test system. Before getting started, I thought I would quickly post on the exact system configuration I am using for this demo system.

Firstly, I have a standalone active directory domain controller, although I don’t think it will actually be needed. I’m using it though, as I always connect my demo machines to an AD domain controller as I’ve been caught a few times needing one after initially thinking I would not.

Secondly, the Business Central server which will host all of the Business Central services. This is a server with a 100GB HDD, 4 GB RAM (below the system recommendations, but I can scale up if needed) and running Windows Server 2022 Datacenter (H21H2).

I have also installed Office 2019 Professional in order to have access to Excel and Word.

Other software requirements will be installed by the Business Central Setup utility.

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