ClassicPress 1.3.0 Now Available

ClassicPressEarlier this week, the releae of ClassicPress version 1.3.0 was announced; this release focuses on improving accessibility (a11y) which is a key focus for ClassicPress (both the core itself as well as strongly recommending that developers work with accessibility in mind) and one which has a lot of people switching from WordPress as Gutenberg is less accessible that the editor used in ClassicPress.

The ClassicPress blog has details of all the accessibility improvements as well as the new features, minor changes and fixes.

ClassicPress version 1.3.0 has been a while coming, but there are a few core developers now involved and working on new functionality as well as backporting worthy additions from WordPress. There is already planning, and some changes complete, for the 1.4.0 release so it looks like the project is now picking up some speed.

The ClassicPress Plugin Directory is now live and accepting submissions of plugins developed for ClassicPress and also ones developed for WordPress, but which work with ClassicPress. The next stage in the directory will be integration with the ClassicPress admin which is slated for version 2.

There have been one or two wobbles over the last couple of years, global events have very much not helped, but things are looking a lot brighter with more core developers, plugin developers and others all getting involved and helping the project progress.