New features coming to Microsoft Dynamics GP in 2019

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is coming in October this year and a trickle (hopefully) of new features has just been announced at the GP Tech Conference in Fargo, North Dakota.

The features have been announced in one of the sessions at the conference which I have unfortunately not been able to attend; the features listed below have been tweeted by attendees I follow on Twitter:

The first feature announced was a new long description (100 characters) on AP Transactions:

This will be nice as it is a common request from clients to have a longer description when entering an invoice.

The second feature is new Administration workflows for security roles and tasks, including a security audit:

It'll be interesting to see how this is handled as the roles and tasks need to remain active in the old state prior to approval, although I assume this is where the audit trail will come into it.

The third feature was another workflow one; the ability to export and import a workflow process:

The export format is a JSON format; this will be very useful as it will allow easily transfer of workflow processes between development system and live system or even between customers (allowing a partner to build up a set of standard workflows).

The export includes everything except Messages and Approvers since those will differ in different environments; unfortunate, as when migrating between a clients development and live servers they are likely to be the same.

The fourth feature is also a workflow one; the ability to edit a workflow approver:

It'll be interesting to see this one in action as to not only how it works, but also who can change the approver.

The fifth announced feature enhances the User Access window by excluding inactive users by default (marking a box includes them) and allowing a sort by ID or name and a search by database name:

The sixth feature is a copy of report options:

Unfortunately, no information as to what type of copy this is; copy between databases and/or copy within a database?

The seventh and final feature was web client copy and paste:

Again I need to see this to understand what it is offering as copy and paste using the standard Windows clipboard already worked.

The feature of the day posts should be starting soon, with all of the coming functionality being covered. I'll be doing my usual thing and posting the features as they announced with some commentary.

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