Perfect Image Are Recruiting for a Dynamics GP Consultant (Grade 3)

Perfect ImagePerfect Image have an opening for a Dynamics GP Consultant (Grade 3).

The position is for a full time position based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England, working on a growing team of consultants which includes the UK’s only Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Dynamics GP (and one of only two in Europe).

The full job specification is below and you can email me your CV to (remove the nospam.).

The typically approach we have is that in the first instance I’ll review the CV and, if it shows the appropriate skills, I’ll conduct a quick phone call to confirm experience and system knowledge (no pressure), before we look to organise an in person interview with the relevant people at PI (HR Manager, the Director of Project Delivery and I) for anyone successful on the call.

Please only candidates who have not already applied via a recruiter and ABSOLUTELY NO RECRUITERS. If these rules aren’t abided by, I will immediately delete the CV.

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Job type
Full time
£30,000 to £45,000 p/a depending on skills and experience
25 days annual leave plus bank holidays, profit and performance related bonus, occupational sick scheme, company pension scheme, career progression plan, cycle to work scheme, childcare voucher scheme.
Job summary

Perfect Image works with clients to define, implement and support IT systems which will help to make them more successful.  Our range of offerings cover bespoke web and Windows-based systems, the integration of existing and new systems, intranet, CRM, business intelligence and ERP systems.

The role of the Dynamics GP Consultant is pivotal to the success of our clients’ ERP projects and therefore to Perfect Image.  You will need to be a motivated, enthusiastic and have experience in supporting and implementing Dynamics GP. Ideally this will include upgrading Dynamics GP implementations to recent releases. This should also include experience of the financial and distribution modules.

The ideal candidate will also be able to demonstrate experience which includes initial pre-sales consultation with the clients, assisting with the creation of sales proposals, presentation and demonstration skills and the management of the resultant project through to a successful implementation.

The Dynamics GP consultant needs to be willing to learn, or have previous experience in, solutions that are complimentary to Dynamics GP, including SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. A proven track record in delivering customer care to diverse clients is a must.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities
  • To work with clients at all levels helping to shape business priorities and to determine the resultant requirements for an ERP solution.
  • Document business and systems requirements to the required level of detail and in an appropriate format.
  • To take on principal responsibility for pre-sales consulting in significant opportunities.
  • Support all elements of Dynamics GP implementations, including server and client installations, data migration exercises, system upgrades, trouble shooting issues as they arise, fixing data issues within a SQL environment, and report writing.
  • Providing a 3rd line support function, assisting our support department in resolving more complex customer enquiries.
  • Keep abreast of changes and opportunities in the technology marketing.

This is not exhaustive.

Job requirements
  • Experience in all aspects of ERP Consultancy, with existing Dynamics GP consultancy experience.
  • Good level of knowledge and experience with accountancy principals and practices.
  • Ability to support all elements of Dynamics GP implementations including server and client installs, data migration exercises, system upgrades, trouble shooting issues as they arise, fixing data issues within a SQL environment and report writing.
  • Experience in or hunger to learn new skills and technologies that compliment Dynamics GP and our clients, such as Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Visual Basic, Job Costing / Construction Accounting.
  • A good level of IT and accounting knowledge and an ability to express this knowledge in terms appropriate to the audience which includes client senior executives, IT managers and end-users.
  • Ability to building strong relationships with clients, supporting income generation and securing repeat business.
  • Experience in managing implementation projects would be beneficial.
  • Ability to think clearly, and to write clear documentation which is sufficiently detailed, unambiguous and complete.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.
  • Strong presentation skills.
  • Experience of the ERP core modules including Financials and ideally Distribution.
  • Strong skills in spoken and written English.
  • Proven ability to deliver results.

Education to degree level (or equivalent).

Personal profile
  • Is able to deal positively about ambiguity and complexity. Is positive in seeing a way through client problems and challenges.
  • Work well under pressure and will go the extra mile to provide excellent client service.
  • Understand that asking for help and input from others is a strength, not a weakness, so actively involves others.
  • Concern yourself principally with the development of the business of our clients and our firm.
  • Look to develop our consulting capability through recruitment, training, mentoring of our people and the development of our methods.
  • Facilitate cooperation within the consulting team and across the firm.
  • Start to develop a personal and social relationship with clients.

Update Setup Mistake On Inventory User Categories

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP for a client a while ago; they are quite heavy users of the Inventory Control module.

Unfortunately, when they configured the User Categories in Inventory Control Setup (Inventory >> Setup >> Inventory Control) the description for the category was entered in the Image field instead of the Description field.

Rather than making them go through and manually change all of the categories that had been defined, I put together a small script to do the job.

The script checks if the length of the entry in the Image field is greater than zero and that the Description has not been set before doing the update.

	UserCatLongDescr = Image_URL
	,Image_URL = ''
	LEN(RTRIM(Image_URL)) > 0
	LEN(RTRIM(UserCatLongDescr)) = 0

As I was writing this script we encountered the same setup issue on a client installation we took over from another partner so this looks like it may be more common that I thought it would be; caused I think be the fact the window has the Image field visible by default and not the Description which people expect.

GP Power Tools Now Available

Winthrop DCWinthrop DC has now officially launched the GP Power Tools and which are available to purchase from Winthrop DC’s partner Mekorma.

The GP Power Tools includes all of the functionality of the old Support Debugging Tool that they replace, but have new functionality, enhancements and bug fixes.

There is a special introductory annual subscription price of US$365 (one free day every four years!).

More information can be found on the GP Power Tools here.

I am/was a Support Debugging Tool user; what now?

If you were a Support Debugging Tool user on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or 2013 then absolutely nothing needs to change. SUpport Debugging Tool will not expire.

That said, you should consider upgrading to GP Power Tools for one major benefit: GP Power Tools is fully supported by Winthrop DC.

While this may not sound like much, the old Support Debugging Tool, which was offered by Microsoft, was not supported at all (not even by Microsoft).

Change Rate Calculation Method To Divide

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis is a script I hope not to need in future, but as I have had to write it, I figured I might as well post it.

When creating an exchange rate table in Multicurrency Exchange Rate Table Setup (Administration >> Setup >> System >> Exchange Table)several fields need to be defined. One of them is the Rate Calculation Method which is set to either Divide or Multiply.

This field can be changed until there are rates entered. The reason this script was created was for a client who create several currencies, entered quite a few rates and then realised that the flag for Rate Calculation Method was set to Multiply instead of Divide.

The choices were either to delete all rates or to change the data behind the scenes; the script took five minutes to write and test, whereas doing the update manually would have taken near an hour.

So script it was. Before I ran the update, I double checked to make sure there were no transactions and also that there was a good backup of the system database.


The yellow highlighted section is the list of currencies to update.

This script should NOT be run when transactions for the currency being updated have been entered.

Update EU Member Country Code Information

Microsoft Dynamics GPThey say there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes. Well, one other certainty is that time passes and with the passage of time comes change.

One of the changes is that the European Union has become larger, but the VAT10001 (VAT Country Code MSTR) in Microsoft Dynamics GP which holds the country code information has not been updated.

As the information in this table has a direct impact on clients, I created a script to flag the missing current EU Member states (Croatia, Finland and Hungary):

	CCode IN ('HR' --Croatia
	,'FI' --Finland
	,'HU') --Hungary

As always have a good backup of your databases before running the script and check afterwards that everything is good.

The Future Of The Support Debugging Tool

Winthrop DCI am slightly behind the times with this post as this news is a few weeks old, but I have been busy and am now trying to ctahc up. When David Musgrave was working for Microsoft he wrote the Support Debugging Tool which contained some very useful functions. I did wonder what the future held for it when he left Microsoft last year, but he posted a while ago that he had negotiated an exclusive agreement with Microsoft which allows him to continue work on and release the tool.

There will be some changed to the Support Debugging Tool under this agreement. Most noticeable is the fact that it will now be called GP Power Tools.

GP Power Tools will be initially released for the following Microsoft Dynamics GP versions:

  • v11.0: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • v12.0: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2
  • v14.0: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

There is going to be some changes to the functionality when GP Power Tools is launched:

  • New simpler Navigation with menus and area page
  • Database Validation, to ensure that your upgrades work
  • Numerous enhancements and the odd bug fix
  • And lots more….

Another change is that GP Power Tools will now be available via an annual subscription for each customer site at the special introductory price of US$365.00. That’s a dollar a day, and every four years you will get a day for free.

For now continue to use the free Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and GP 2013 (inc. GP 2013 R2) which is available from

Stay tuned here or to the WInthrop DC blog for more information on when to upgrade to GP Power Tools for continued support and improved functionality.

Those of you on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will need to be patient for a while longer and wait for the release of GP Power Tools.

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP Available Now

Microsoft Dynamics GPI mentioned a couple of months ago that there was a new book coming for MIcrosoft Dynamics GP (and it wasn’t my new Workflow 2.0 book.

Well, that book is Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP by Dynamics GP MVPs Belinda Allen and Mark Polino:

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Continue reading

Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0 Available In Mobi and ePub Formats

Microsoft Dynamics GPI recently released my fourth book Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0.

Initially it was available only as an eBook in PDF format, but now the paperback format is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

I have also added Mobi and ePub formats to the eBook download on azurecurve Publishing. If you have previously bought the eBook and want the new formats, send me an email with the email address used for the original order and I’ll despatch the new formats as soon as I am able.

eBook Paperback
azurecurve Publishing

The ebook will also become available from other retailers too (including the Apple Store) in a few days once it has passed through the approval process.

Security Views For Use In SmartList Designer: User Access & Granted Security Roles With Tasks & Operations

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe eighth and final view in the series, shows users with their access to companies, roles, tasks and security operations. I’ll state up front that this is probably the least useful fo the views due to the sheer number of rows that it returns.

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[uv_PI_UserAccessAndGrantedSecurityRolesWithTasksAndOperations] AS
	['User Master'].USERID AS 'User ID'
	,['User Master'].USERNAME AS 'Username'
	,['User Master'].USRCLASS AS 'User Class'
	,ISNULL(['Class Master'].DSCRIPTN, '') AS 'User Class Description'
	,ISNULL(['Company Master'].INTERID, '') AS 'Intercompany ID'
	,ISNULL(['Company Master'].CMPNYNAM, '') AS 'Company Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Assignment User Role'].SECURITYROLEID, '') AS 'Security Role ID'
	,ISNULL(['Security Roles Master'].SECURITYROLENAME, '') AS 'Security Role Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Role Task Assignment'].SECURITYTASKID, '') AS 'Security Task ID'
	,ISNULL(['Security Task Master'].SECURITYTASKNAME, '') AS 'Security Task Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Task Master'].SECURITYTASKDESC, '') AS 'Security Task Description'
	,ISNULL(['Security Resource Descriptions'].PRODNAME, '') AS 'Product Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Resource Descriptions'].Series_Name, '') AS 'Series Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Resource Descriptions'].DSPLNAME, '') AS 'Security Operation Name'
	,ISNULL(['Security Resource Descriptions'].TYPESTR, '') AS 'Security Operation Type'
	SY01400 AS ['User Master']
	SY40400 AS ['Class Master']
		ON ['Class Master'].USRCLASS = ['User Master'].USRCLASS
	SY60100 AS ['User-Company Access']
		ON ['User-Company Access'].USERID = ['User Master'].USERID
	SY10500 AS ['Security Assignment User Role']
		ON ['Security Assignment User Role'].CMPANYID = ['User-Company Access'].CMPANYID
			AND ['Security Assignment User Role'].USERID = ['User-Company Access'].USERID
	SY09100 AS ['Security Roles Master']
		ON ['Security Roles Master'].SECURITYROLEID = ['Security Assignment User Role'].SECURITYROLEID
	SY10600 AS ['Security Role Task Assignment']
		ON ['Security Role Task Assignment'].SECURITYROLEID = ['Security Roles Master'].SECURITYROLEID
	SY01500 AS ['Company Master']
		ON ['Company Master'].CMPANYID = ['User-Company Access'].CMPANYID
	SY09000 AS ['Security Task Master']
		ON ['Security Task Master'].SECURITYTASKID = ['Security Role Task Assignment'].SECURITYTASKID
	SY10700 AS ['Security Assignment Task Operations']
		ON ['Security Assignment Task Operations'].SECURITYTASKID = ['Security Task Master'].SECURITYTASKID
	SY09400 AS ['Security Resource Descriptions']
		ON ['Security Resource Descriptions'].SECURITYID = ['Security Assignment Task Operations'].SECURITYID

GRANT SELECT ON uv_PI_UserAccessAndGrantedSecurityRolesWithTasks TO DYNGRP

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