Installing TortoiseSVN: Installing

This post is part of the series on installing TortoiseSVN which is I use in the development of WordPress plugins. The first step in installing TortoiseSVN is to download the latest version. You can download it from the TortoiseSVN website:

Installing TortoiseSVN: Series Index

Depending on how much of this blog you read, you might be aware that I have been adding functionality by writing pluginsg for WordPress which I have been publishing via the WordPress Plugin Repository. I did try writing a blog on my Development site, but that didn’t go too well;… Read more“Installing TortoiseSVN: Series Index”

Remove Yellow Background from Google Adsense Adverts

I’ve been hosting adverts from Google Adsense for a while and, after my last site redesign, I started using responsive adverts which scale according to the size of the browser window (or device size). Since then, I’ve had yellow background showing either side of the adverts: The other day, I… Read more“Remove Yellow Background from Google Adsense Adverts”

New azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant Theme Launched

As you can see, I have introduced a new theme on this site. Admittedly it is pretty similar to my last one (azure on white), but the previous one was based on the default 2010 WordPress theme which had become rather dated. The new one gives me access to some… Read more“New azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant Theme Launched”

azurecurve Posts Archive WordPress Plugin – Beta Testers Wanted

I recently created a WordPress archive of my Twitter posts using the plugin and theme from Ozh. Part of the theme was a sidebar posts archive which I quite liked the look of and have now extracted and turned into a WordPress plugin so I can use it on any… Read more“azurecurve Posts Archive WordPress Plugin – Beta Testers Wanted”

azurecurve Twitter Archive Created

Apparently Twitter only allows you to download the last 3,200 posts you have made. While I am substantially short of this number at present, I thought it might be useful to keep an archive of these posts myself so I always had access to them. The CMS I am most… Read more“azurecurve Twitter Archive Created”

Review of WordPress Multisite Administration by Tyler L. Longren

Time for a short diversion from my usual subject of Microsoft Dynamics GP during the Christas holiday period; I ended up with more time off than I initially expected and had time to do some reading and also to fiddle around with WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress for a few… Read more“Review of WordPress Multisite Administration by Tyler L. Longren”