Feature Explained: Invoice Receipt Date

Microsoft Dynamics GPBack in 2017, regulations in the UK changed so that business of a certain minimum size, had to start recording the date an invoice was received. To support this new regulation, Microsoft introduced a new Invoice Receipt Date field to a number of windows in the Purchasing series. This new field was introduced in the July 2017 hotfix.

The presence of this field does not seem especially well-known, so I figured I do a quick post covering where it is and how it would be used.

The Invoice Receipt Date has been added to the Date Entry windows for the three types of transaction:

  • Payables Transaction Entry (Purchasing area page » Transactions » Transaction Entry)
  • Receivings Transaction Entry (Purchasing area page » Transactions » Receivings Transaction Entry)
  • Purchasing Invoice Entry (Purchasing area page » Transactions » Enter/Match Invoice)

Taking Payables Transaction Entry as an example, to access the Payables Date Entry field, click the expansion arrow next to the Doc. Date field:

Payables Transaction Entry

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