Review of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting by David Duncan and Christopher J Liley

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have received a copy of the newly published Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting, by David Duncan and Chrisopher J Liley, from Packt Publishing to review. This is an update of a previous book the pair wrote for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting

The book covers an extensive range of the reporting tools in, or available with, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

  • SmartList Builder including Excel Report Builder
  • Report Writer and Word Templates
  • Reporting Services Reports
  • Analysis Cubes
  • Management Reporter

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Announced for Q4

Microsoft Dynamics GPA few days ago, Errol Schoenfish on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog announced the forthcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 (or H2 as he named it) for Q4 of the 2013 calendar year.

The part of the announcement which surprised me was the announcement that there would be a “Feature of the Day” starting in September; I thought that, usually, “Feature of the Day” only occurred for major releases and not service packs. Let me say though: this is not a complaint!

In SP2 the Web Client will see the see releases for the Project, Manufacturing and Field Service series as well as the expansion of ISV Extensibility to allow Visual Studio forms to be presented in the Web Client in the same way as Dexterity forms.

Document Attach will be extended to allow attachments to be included in emails and to allow documents attached to cards to be rolled down to the transactions. So a terms and conditions file attached to a customer record could be rolled down to the sales invoices and attached to the email.

One really nice feature is the ability in SmartList to hide the navigation tree; here’s hoping this is a button on the toolbar to quickly expand and shrink the nav pane.

There are additional features so far announced in the blog post including an update to the Windows 8 Business Analyzer app to rewrite it in HTML5 and JavaScriptto allow, amongst other new features, the inclusion of reports from Management Reporter.

For full details of the announcment check the original blog post.

Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Default Visible To Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn July, as part of his weekly MS Connect suggestion series, Mark Polino raised the issue of SmartList Favourites and the default Visible To which is set to System.

Mark’s suggestion was to have the default changed to User which would leave a generally tidier list. To be honest I’d rather have a setting which allowed the default to be chosen by each client. The reason for this is we’re currently in the middle of an upgrade project where a few Microsoft Dynamics GP systems will be merged into one and it would be good to have the default Visib le to set to Company.

Following on from my recent post on a fixed width SmartList left pane I decided to have a fiddle and see if I could force the default to something else. And it turns out with some simple VBA that you can do exactly that;


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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SmartList Fixed Width Left Pane

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn July last year, Frank Hammelly posted a SmartList customisation for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 on his blog gp2themax.

I’ve recently been taking a look at Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and decided to see if I could use Modifier to reproduce this customisation for GP 2013 (I have no reason to believe the customisation posted by Frank won’t work with 2013, but I wanted to dabble with Modifer and this seemed a good starting point); the customisation can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

The screenshots below show SmartList in both it’s default size and maximised with the left pane remaining a static size and the right pane occupying the rest of the window;


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MDGP 2013 Feature of the Day: Default Sort Order For Favorites

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft are posting the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature of the Day series on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

The forty sixth feature they’ve announced is Default Sort Order For Favorites.

Customers have the ability to choose SmartList Favorites within lookups and select to save that lookup as the default. Once this has been chosen as the default, the next time the user enters the lookup the list will populate based off the view they selected as the default.

This gives the customer the flexibility to set the lookups based off how they need to see the data and can save them valuable time in the application. The Set as Default option is available within the Customer and Prospects, Vendors, Items, Salespeople and Employees lookups;

Customers and Prospects Lookup

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Mark Polino’s Weekly MS Connect Suggestion – Better Control of SmartList Visibility

Microsoft DynamicsContinuing Mark Polino’s weekly series of posts recommending an MS Connect suggestion.

This weeks is a vote on changing the default SmartList visibility option. This suggestion differs from the previous ones as it is one of Mark’s own suggestions that he has submitted to the MS Connect site.

I’ll admit I’ve tended not to stress to customers that any one of the options in the SmartList favourites window is any better than the others; I’ve tended to explain what they all do and left it at that. But thinking about it now, this is a bad approach as without guidance to any particular selection the average user will leave it at the default which is currently System. Mark’s suggestion would change this to User which would generally leave a tidier SmartList favourites list visible to the system.

If you’d be interested in seeing this change made, please go to Connect and vote.

SmartList Wildcards

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Google-fu is weak with this one (this one being me). I read a post ages ago on the subject of SmartList wildcards which looked like it would be really useful, but then, after I’d forgotton the details, couldn’t find it again no matter what searches I tried.

Then, a couple of days ago, Tim Cruickshank, on the Rose Business Solutions blog, posted a few tips and tricks he’d picked up at Convergence, one of which was SmartList Wildcards.

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How To Use All Account User Defined Fields On SmartLists – Step By Step

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn a post last week I linked to Frank Hamelly’s post on using all four User Defined Fields on the Account Maintenance window (Cards » Financial » Account).

I thought it might be useful to follow up with a step-by-step explanation of creating a SmartList for historical GL transactions with all four user defined fields from the account. Continue reading “How To Use All Account User Defined Fields On SmartLists – Step By Step”

Feature Explained: SmartList Favourites

Microsoft Dynamics GPSmartList is a fantastic module; easy to use and very flexible with great integration with Excel (and with the Letter Writing Assistant which I’ll cover in a week or two’s time).

However, it seems we get an inordinate amount of queries from our clients on how to use it. How to customise the lists to their needs or how to save them for future reference. Continue reading “Feature Explained: SmartList Favourites”