Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Has Been Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPAfter an initial announcement back in July that service pack 2 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 was scheduled for release in Q4 this year, I am amazed that it was released yesterday. When it was talked about as Q4 I imaged that meant later in Q4 as Errol Schoenfish said there will be a Feature of the Day series running in September so I assumed (which is bad) that this meant the release would follow rather than precede these posts.

The Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog has full details of the new service pack.

The new DVD can be downloaded by Partners or Customers (with relevant PartnerSource or CustomerSource logins).

Or if you want the service pack only, Partners or Customers (with relevant PartnerSource or CustomerSource logins).

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Announced for Q4

Microsoft Dynamics GPA few days ago, Errol Schoenfish on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog announced the forthcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 (or H2 as he named it) for Q4 of the 2013 calendar year.

The part of the announcement which surprised me was the announcement that there would be a “Feature of the Day” starting in September; I thought that, usually, “Feature of the Day” only occurred for major releases and not service packs. Let me say though: this is not a complaint!

In SP2 the Web Client will see the see releases for the Project, Manufacturing and Field Service series as well as the expansion of ISV Extensibility to allow Visual Studio forms to be presented in the Web Client in the same way as Dexterity forms.

Document Attach will be extended to allow attachments to be included in emails and to allow documents attached to cards to be rolled down to the transactions. So a terms and conditions file attached to a customer record could be rolled down to the sales invoices and attached to the email.

One really nice feature is the ability in SmartList to hide the navigation tree; here’s hoping this is a button on the toolbar to quickly expand and shrink the nav pane.

There are additional features so far announced in the blog post including an update to the Windows 8 Business Analyzer app to rewrite it in HTML5 and JavaScriptto allow, amongst other new features, the inclusion of reports from Management Reporter.

For full details of the announcment check the original blog post.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 1 Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPLast Friday the Dynamics GP Service and Support blog announced that the first Service Pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP was available for download.

Service Pack 1 can be downloaded from the following pages;

As well as the service pack itself there is a new DVD containing the service pack which can be downloaded from the Product Release pages;

Hands On With The Management Reporter 2012 Web Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPThese days I find that time passes far too quickly. Turns out it was on the 14th November that RU3 of Management Reporter was released and I said I’d do some posts on the web client part of it. Well, time flies but I’ve finally found the time to do the post I promised.

When I downloaded Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 3 I did what quite a few people seem to have done and looked for the web client installer within the setup utility. Well, it turns out there isn’t one as it is all handled by the server install. To view a report in the MR 2012 web client all you need to do is output the file to a network location or SharePoint. I’ve gone the easiest route and output the file to a network share.

In the Report Designer, open a Report Definition and switch to the Output and Distribution tab and change the radio button to Generate to multiple report library locations. In this case my report is being output to Library/P&L and if I click on it I can then choose to set a Related Report Link Location which I have set to the shared Dynamics Central location on my server;

Report Definition - PL Dtl CurYtd

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Management Reporter 2012 RU3 Now Available (With Included Web Client)

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn the 12th November, RU3 for Management Reporter 2012 was released.

Full information available here and it can be downloaded here.

Management Reporter 2012 RU3 brings a web client (reports can be deployed to a network share or to SharePoint depending on preference), the Financial Reporting Data Mart for Dynamics GP (good for dealing with large datasets), the ability to report against Dynamics GP General Ledger and Analytical Accounting information using a single company as well as more than 35 bugs.

I’ll be doing some more posts on MR 2012 RU3 over the coming couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3 Has Been Released

Microsoft DynamicsOn the Developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, David Musgrave has posted an announcement that Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 3 is now available.

As always with service packs to Microsoft Dynamics GP there are a multitude of downloads covering all the different related products to Dynamics GP itself such as Integration Manager and eConnect.

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Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Rollup 1 Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’m slightly late in posting this one but I figure it might still be a useful post to make.

On 30th April 2012 Microsoft released Rollup 1 for Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP which includes an updated Migration Wizard [PDF] which was missing from Management Reporter 2012 until now.

Rollup 1 can be downloaded here (PartnerSource or CustomerSource login required).

Management Reporter SP2 Now Available For Download

Microsoft Dynamics GPDynamics Corporate Performance Management has announced that Management Reporter Service Pack 2 was now available for download. This release of Management Reporter adds compliance with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, better support for rounding adjustments and adjustment periods and performance improvements for reports with large numbers of transactions, many calculated rows, and Analytical Accounting.

It is available now from PartnerSource or CustomerSource (login required).