Using Node Builder to Create New Node: Introduction

eOne SolutionsA few weeks ago I did a series on Implementing Node Builder; in this new series I am going to cover creating a new node for adding EFT Bank information with a creditor.

If you’re reading this on azurecurve, the series index, below, will automatically update; if you’re reading a syndicated post, then you’ll need to check back on the original post.

Using Node Builder to Create New Node
Create Node
Update SmartConnect GP Resource Cache
Add SmartConnect Node

GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 26: Series Index

Winthrop DCThis post is the series index for the New in Build 26 sub-series of the GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features series in which I’m taking a look at the changes and new features since I last blogged about GP Power Tools.

In this sub-series I am going to take a look at the new features introduced in build 26; the posts are broken down by module for easy reading.

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GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: Series Index

Winthrop DCThere are a large number of ISV products available to extend Microsoft Dynamics GP, and I’ve taken a look at a very few of them recently. One I looked at last year was the David Musgrave.

I took a Hands On look at implementing the GP Power Tools product followed by going hands on with two of the modules:

I did mean to take a look at more of the modules, but got sidetracked. Since then, there have been a number of changes to the GP Power Tools, which I will be taking a look at in this series.

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PowerShell for Hyper-V: Series Index

Hyper-VWhen I joined ISC Software Solutions I received a new work laptop. This gave me both the need and, importantly, the time to get everything setup as I need it. This included creating new demo VMs to use.

In the past, I had one VM for each version with everything installed. This time round I have created two VMs, one hosting a Domain Controller and the other a SQL Server, which I will then use with a version based server.

To make things a little easier, I have created some PowerShell scripts to handle the VMs. This is a short series of posts for the scripts I have (none of them are complex, but I’m posting them here for easy access.

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Adventures With A Raspberry Pi: Series Index

Raspberry PiI’ve looked at the Raspberry Pi a number of times over the years, but never bought one as I both lacked a convincing use case and have virtually zero experience with non-Windows operating systems. However, more recently, I have reached my limit with how intrusive online adverts have become and have finally bought a Raspberry Pi and installed Pi-Hole.

I have a number of posts about my adventures with a Raspberry PI in which I am going to be looking at how to assemble and install the Raspberry PI as well as my experiences with Pi-Hole and probably some other software.

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azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins: Series Index

ClassicPress PluginsThis is part of the azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins which introduces the plugins I have available for ClassicPress.

The plugin I am going to cover in this post, is an existing one which has been brought up to coding standards; Series Index.


The Series b=Index uses Series and Series Position custom fields to groups posts together into a series: the series-index shortcode can be used on a post to place the series index.

Defaults are configurable via the plugin Settings page, but parameters can be used to customise the output of each series index if required.

A series index post can be created using a Series Position of 0.

Additional shortcodes available are:

  • index-of-series – which allows an index of all series index posts to be displayed.
  • series-index-link – allows a link to be created back to the series index post.

This plugin integrates with the Toggle Show/Hide plugin.


This site makes extensive use of this plugin:

  • The series-index shortcode has been used to include the series index at the bottom of this post.
  • The index-of-series shortcode has been used on the Index of Series page.
  • The first paragraph of this post uses the series-index-link shortcode to create the link back to the parent post.


The plugin can be downloaded via my Development site.

Create SmartConnect Journal – Standard Map: Series Index

eOne SolutionsI recently did a series on Implementing SmartConnect, from eOne Solutions; in this series I am going to create a simple integration map to show how SmartConnect can be used to integrate standard journals into Microsoft Dynamics GP from a predefined folder.

The series index below will update as each post in the series goes live (unless you’re reading a syndicated version of this post in which case check back to the original post).

Create SmartConnect Journal – Standard Map
Create Integration Map
Configure Destination
Configure Distributions
Define Header Mapping
Run Integration
Schedule Integration
Connection Could Not be Validated Error
Credit Amount Was Not Supplied Error
Could Not Run The Scheduled Map

Implementing SmartConnect: Series Index

eOne SolutionsSmartConnect is an integration tool from eOne Solutions which can take data from any source and integrate it into Microsoft Dynamics GP (and other systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Sales Force amongst others). It has a drag and drop interface to make creating integrations quick and easy for all users rather than just developers (as many integration tools target).

I’ve known about SmartConnect for quite a long time now, but have only just started working with it and thought a series of posts on the installation and configuration process might be useful to do.

The index below will update as each post goes live if you are reading directly here (if you’re reading on a syndicated version, you will need to check back to the original post).

Implementing SmartConnect
Who Are eOne Solutions?
SmartConnect vs. Integration Manager
System Requirements
Configure Windows Service
Assign SQL Login Security
Install GP Addin
Update GP Cache
Console First Run
Configure GP Connector
Configure Security
Run System Maintenance
Verify Connector Working

Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Features: Series Index

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this series of posts, I’ll be going hands on with the new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 which was released on the 2nd October. I reblogged the new features as Microsoft announced them along with some commentary of how I thought they would be received by both my clients and I. In this series, I will be hands on with them giving feedback of how well they work in reality.

This post is the series index and will automatically update as new posts go-live.

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