Management Reporter 2012 CU8 Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Dynamics Financial Reporting blog today announced the release of Management reporter 2012 CU8.

Full details can be found at the link above, but here’s a quick summary of some of the new features:

  • Dynamic calculated column headers…no more hard coding of Months within the column definition
  • Currency translation for Dynamics GP 2013 using DDM Data Mart provider
  • Ability to create a side by side balance sheet by using a section break option in row definition
  • Option to include line numbers on generated reports
  • Ability to set all columns in definition to Autofit by default
  • Collection of Excel formatting improvements

Management Reporter 2012 CU8 can be downloaded from here for the US and all other countries here (CustomerSource or ParnerSource login required).

Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 6 Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPA couple of days ago , the Dynamics PTS blog announced the release of Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 6.

This rollup has a range of new features including:

  • The ability to generate a single report link for a report group and open all reports from a single page in the web viewer
  • 14 new default reports for new Dynamics GP customers (existing customers can easily import these reports)
  • Transaction descriptions greater than 100 characters are now supported
  • Support for bi-directional text in Management Reporter Report Designer and Web Viewer

Partners can get more information here and download RU6 here.

Full details are available on the Dynamics PTS blog.

Management Reporter 2012 Install Error – Invalid sa Password

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was recently on site with a client doing an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to 2013 and implementing Management Reporter 2012 to replace FRx 6.7.

The upgrade of Dynamics GP to 2013 went through without issue, once I sorted out the overlapping periods which are no longer allowed (I hope Microsoft will be updating the exam question), but I ran into an issue with Management Reporter.

When I was entering the details for the SQL Server I got an error that the password provided was incorrect. I reentered it and got the same error and then entered it a third time very slowly and carefully. Again, it was rejected.

Now because I was onsite and therefore using a customer supplied password there was every possibility that I had entered it incorrectly. I verified the password with the customer and then copied and pasted it in from Notepad so that I was certain it was correct, but it was, again, rejected.

It was at this point a memory fired that someone had recently told me about this. I checked emails I’d received a few weeks ago and found the answer in one from Andrew Cooper, my former colleague. The problem is when Enforce password policy in Microsoft SQL Server is enabled for the user account.

This should not be a problem, but with Management Reporter 2012 RU4 it is because the password is verified against SQL Server as each letter is typed in order to populate the database selection box and if the password policy is being enforced then the user account gets locked out after the third letter. I haven’t had a change/remembered to test this against RU5.

After unlocking the user account via SQL Server Management Studio, I copied and pasted the password into the Management Reporter Configuration window and was able to progress with the installation.

Management Reporter 2012 RU5 Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn the 18th April the release of Management Reporter 2012 RU5 was announced on the Dynamics Corporate Performance Management blog.

The following are key features of Management Reporter 2012 RU5 when used with Microsoft Dynamics GP;

  • The Web Viewer is now the default report viewer although any report can be opened in the Desktop Viewer
  • Any report displayed in the Web Viewer can be collapsed into a summary view
  • A Default Report Link Location can now be specified to easily indicate where reports should be stored in SharePoint or network location
  • Drill Down has been added to the Dynamics Data Mart which allows for drill down to at least the account level and can drill back from the Desktop Viewer to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Detail Enqiry, Historical Detail Enquiry or Budget Transaction Inquiry windows

Rollup 5 for Management Reporter 2012 can be downloaded here (CustomerSource or PartnerSource login required).

Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 4 Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn the 28th January, Rollup 4 for Management Reporter 2012 was released via the Dynamics Corporate Performance Management blog.

It can be downloaded from CustomerSource (CustomerSource or PartnerSource login required).

For Microsoft Dynamics GP users there is improved performance with the data mart integrations and new Quick Links in the Web Viewer which allows users to easily jump to key areas of a report.

Hands On With The Management Reporter 2012 Web Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPThese days I find that time passes far too quickly. Turns out it was on the 14th November that RU3 of Management Reporter was released and I said I’d do some posts on the web client part of it. Well, time flies but I’ve finally found the time to do the post I promised.

When I downloaded Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 3 I did what quite a few people seem to have done and looked for the web client installer within the setup utility. Well, it turns out there isn’t one as it is all handled by the server install. To view a report in the MR 2012 web client all you need to do is output the file to a network location or SharePoint. I’ve gone the easiest route and output the file to a network share.

In the Report Designer, open a Report Definition and switch to the Output and Distribution tab and change the radio button to Generate to multiple report library locations. In this case my report is being output to Library/P&L and if I click on it I can then choose to set a Related Report Link Location which I have set to the shared Dynamics Central location on my server;

Report Definition - PL Dtl CurYtd

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Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 2 Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPI typically like to see rollups come out as they tend to fix bugs and add new features but yesterday I advised a customer to install rollup 1 for Management Reporter.

Hopefully, I can catch them first thing in the morning and get them onto rollup 2 instead, of which Sivakumar has just announced the release on the Dynamics Partner Technical Services team blog.

Rollup 2 can be downloaded from here (CustomerSource or PartnerSource login required).

This one adds support for SQL Server 2012 as well as other bug fixes and enhancements to the currency translation.

Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Rollup 1 Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’m slightly late in posting this one but I figure it might still be a useful post to make.

On 30th April 2012 Microsoft released Rollup 1 for Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP which includes an updated Migration Wizard [PDF] which was missing from Management Reporter 2012 until now.

Rollup 1 can be downloaded here (PartnerSource or CustomerSource login required).