Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Extended Support Lifecycle Ending on 10th October 2017

Microsoft Dynamics GPA few days ago Derek Albaugh posted to the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog about the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog end of lifecycle for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10. This is a version launched way back in 2007 and is eight major versions behind the current release.

Mainstream Support ended in 2012, so this is the end of Extended Support.

To be clear what this means, Mainstream Support means no design changes or feature requests or year-end or tax updates; the end of Extended Support means that there is no longer any paid support (per-incident, per hour or other) for this version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Continuing to run Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 means you are running a non-supported version of your ERP system; this is a major business risk so I, as well as Microsoft, would very strongly recommend planning your upgrade to a supported version.

I posted a link to details of lifecycles for other versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Life Cycle

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe question occasionally comes up from clients as to when the end of support for particular versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP are, and every time I have to go away and do a search for the information (sometimes not very successfully).

Therefore I am posting the link here for future reference: this page lists all versions of Dynamics GP from 9 onwards along with the launch date, end of mainstream and extended support dates .