Recent ISC Software Webinar: Powerful document generation for Dynamics GP

ISC Software SolutionsIn our most recent webinar, we took a look at Powerful document generation for Dynamics GP. In this webinar, we covered how dox42 can be used to design attractive document templates in Microsoft Office and integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics GP and other systems such as SharePoint or Microsoft 365. If you want to catch up on this, or any other, webinar, you can do so here.

In this blog post, I am going to recap the webinar and show the benefits and some example uses of dox42 for generating documents with data from Dynamics GP and other systems:

  1. Introducing dox42
  2. Examples of how dox42 can be used
  3. Template Design
  4. Integrate data from various sources
  5. Automate your output
  6. Key benefits
  7. Examples from Dynamics GP
  8. Conclusion

Introducing dox42 ^

dox42 are headquartered in Vienna Austria and sell dox42 through a partner channel using companies such as ISC Software. It allows you to generate individualised documents from all your existing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, automatically. Offers, quotes, contracts, inspections or server-reports, presentations, Excel-charts and insurance policies; dox42 is a flexible, powerful and intuitive application which allows you to use the common interface of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint to design document templates.

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Remove PowerPoint animations from slides

Microsoft OfficePowerPoint is not something I have used very often, but I am now doing webinars on at least a monthly basis at work. I’ve inherited some PowerPoint slidedecks from other people with some features I don’t like; one of those is having to click to display elements on slides. This is something which I now know to be animations and their removal is actually quite straightforward.

To remove an animation, select the Animations tab and then select element with animations; the Animation section of the action pane will show the type of animation currently selected; click None to remove the animation:

PowerPoint animations