Creating an Office365 app password for emailing with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn a post a couple of weeks ago on emailing from Microsoft Dynamics GP, I mentioned using Office365 Exchange integrationfor sending the emails. Usually this works fine, but, increasingly, clients are activating 2FA (Two-factor authentication) is being enabled, which means users cannot log on using their normal password as the Microsoft Dynamics GP doesn’t use 2FA.

You can however create an app password in Office365 which you can use to log in when emailing documents from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To create an app password, log into your Office365 account and select My account by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner.

The on the left-hand navigation pane select Security & privacy and then, on the right, click Additional security verification:

Additional security verification

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 user cannot login into Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve recently been working on a project with a client to introduce emailing of remittences to suppliers. To do this, we switched them from using Outlook foe sending emails to using a shared Exchange mailbox which their IT created for them.

We discovered that while I could use by email address for logging into Exchange, they couldn’t use their shared mailbox. My initial thought was that while we were both using Office365 accounts, they were trying to use an ordinary password, whereas I was using an app password.

I checked that they were entering the credentials correctly, which for Office365 is to use the email address in both the Email Address and Login ID fields (as shown in the example below), and they were:

Exchange Logon window

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