Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Now Out of Mainstream Support

Microsoft Dynamics GPA couple of days ago, I posted about the updated Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap which goes through 2028. One item which is worth noting, is that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 RTM and 2016 R2 are both out of mainstream support as of yesterday and those versions are now in extended support.

This means that critical security issues found will be fixed, but no feature enhancements or other bugs will be added or fixed. This does of course include changes to the VAT Daybook module which are very important to users in the UK with the ever changing requirements from HMRC for MTD.

If you are using Dynamics GP 2016, I would recommend contacting your partner to discuss an upgrade to a version under mainstream support. If you are in the UK it is important you do this as you will only get updates to the MTD functionality if you are on the latest build of Microsoft Dynamics GP and under the Modern Lifecycle policy.

For those clients with MTD requirements, but who, for whatever reason cannot upgrade at the moment, ISC have an add-on available for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP which will support the MTD submissions to HMRC. If you’d like to discuss requirements in this area, please use the contact form below.

Making Tax Digital Now Available in Dynamics GP 2016 and 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft’s Jodi Christiansen has, on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, announced the release of the January hotfix which includes the Making Tax Digital (MTD) updates required for VAT submissions to HMRC from April.

The Microsoft Docs site has been updated with setup instructions; I need to get it downloaded and installed to confirm the functionality, as all of the setup is around the VAT 100 and not VAT Daybook. Clients with more complex VAT often need VAT Daybook which allows them to define which tax codes appear in which boxes on the VAT Return. We’ve previously been assured by Microsoft that the MTD update would include both VAT 100 and VAT Daybook so I need to check that this is in fact the case.

The hotfix can be downloaded from CustomerSource (login required):

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 lock
  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 lock

The MTD changes are only available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and 2018; applying the hotfix will update you to the latest version of the R2 release of these versions. If you’re on a prior version you will need to either upgrade to 2016 or 2018 or source an alternative way of submitting to MTD, such as ISC Software’s Making Tax Digital add-in.